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okay let’s get this party started

like for a starter

did you guys miss me because guess who’s back



❝I’m curious. If the Ghost Rider gave me his ‘penance stare’ would I feel the pain of all those lives I have ruined if I am glad that I ruined them? Seeing through their eyes would further my joy, wouldn’t it?❞


❝I can walk through worlds, dimensions, time, galaxies, and everywhere in between.
                          Do you truly believe I would accidentally walk into your room?❞


❝Well excuse me if an old man can’t be thirsty every once in a while.❞


❝I’m Loki the shapeshifter. If I wanted to look young and gorgeous, I would change into that form.❞



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"Thou art hardly the face of a fairies’ tale Brother."


❝Oh, but I am. I am merely the face of the naughty wolf or evil beldams coming to englut the children. ❞

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130+ Loki Icons
Old Loki (The Loki that burned) 84
Young Loki (Loki the Trickster) 26
Jotun Child Loki (The innocent) 14
Lady Loki (The whore) 7

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