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Hello my One Hundred and Five Followers! First off I wish to say that I truly feel blessed by the Gods for such success on this blog. I would be nothing were it not for all of you who have looked to me for entertainment!

This is my first time doing a Giveaway (so go easy on me). Now, I can’t Photoshop (just look at the bad paint job on the picture on top), and I can hardly draw (and if I did it would take forever) SO, instead of doing any of those things I wish to give away Digital Copy Codes of the comics I have in my possession.

The Completed Series up for a Digital Code Giveaway are:

  • Marvel Knights: X-men 1-5
  • Marvel Knights: Hulk 1-4
  • Infinity 1-6
  • Inhumanity Awakening 1-2
  • Inhuman 1-2
  • Deadpool vs Carnage 1-4
  • Night of the Living Deadpool 1-4
  • Cataclysm: Ultimates 1-3, Spider-man 1-3, X-men 1-3, Last Stand 1-5

Alright Folks, now this giveaway has real economic value since I have physically bought these comics. This said, here are the rules to qualify you for a chance to win!


  • DRAWING WILL BE ON THURSDAY August 21st, 2014
  • ONLY the 105 followers can participate (yes I will count and check)
  • REBLOGS will only count.
  • Only have to reblog once. (if you want to do it multiple times that’s fine, but I will only put your name in the generator once.)
  • Both Personal and Character Blogs that are following me can participate.
  • TWO WINNERS will be selected, the first winner will have first pick, you will be notified via ask or fanmail if your URL was chosen. If you did win first please make sure to respond in a timely manner because the other guy will be waiting too.
  • Winners will also be posted and tagged!
  • INSTRUCTIONS on how to redeem the Digital Codes will also be included in the asks or fanmail for the winners.

I think I covered all the bases…. I’ll post a notification if something changes. So in conclusion, thank you again followers, and good luck to all those who participate!



❝I’m curious. If the Ghost Rider gave me his ‘penance stare’ would I feel the pain of all those lives I have ruined if I am glad that I ruined them? Seeing through their eyes would further my joy, wouldn’t it?❞


❝I can walk through worlds, dimensions, time, galaxies, and everywhere in between.
                          Do you truly believe I would accidentally walk into your room?❞


❝Well excuse me if an old man can’t be thirsty every once in a while.❞


❝I’m Loki the shapeshifter. If I wanted to look young and gorgeous, I would change into that form.❞



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"Thou art hardly the face of a fairies’ tale Brother."


❝Oh, but I am. I am merely the face of the naughty wolf or evil beldams coming to englut the children. ❞

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130+ Loki Icons
Old Loki (The Loki that burned) 84
Young Loki (Loki the Trickster) 26
Jotun Child Loki (The innocent) 14
Lady Loki (The whore) 7

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❝Has anyone ever told you that you’re disgusting? Because you truly are.❞